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What is the shelf life of our epoxy resin products?

What is the shelf life of our epoxy resin products?

As long as they are kept in sealed containers, all solvent-free epoxies have practically limitless shelf lives. Its performance is unaffected by the crystallization of the resin or the darkening (YELLOW) of the hardener. Perform a test to ensure that the material has adequately cured if it is older than a year. We advise using the product within a few months after any potential material changes, but we also recommend a 24-month shelf life for all of our products.

The hardener oxidizes from oxygen, which can slowly stain it over time if preserved. The user may occasionally feel that it is not good (hence throwing away). The material may still be good, but it simply doesn't appear the same.

As always, test a little quantity before making any significant installations.

By Primo Resin


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