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Can You Use Epoxy Resin Over Stained Wood?


Can You use Epoxy Resin Over Stained Wood

Nothing in life is more enjoyable than a well-finished piece of wood that has been exquisitely colored, so we can understand your trepidation about whether you can now apply epoxy to that surface without damaging it. We have excellent news for you: you can, and we'll even teach you how.

Can epoxy be applied on stained wood? Short response? Yes. longer but more insightful response? Yes, however you must make sure the resin is compatible with the stained surface; otherwise, you run the danger of damaging your work and it's not enjoyable at all to remove epoxy resin from a sizable region.

Then we'll see how epoxy resin can be used to seal a wooden surface and what to do when that surface has been dyed. First, let's look at how epoxy resin functions and what you need to know when choosing an epoxy resin.


Introduction to Epoxy Resin

An epoxy resin and a hardening agent are the two components of epoxy resin for woodwork. These two ingredients combined produce a thermosetting (heat-emitting) plastic that is extremely resistant to chemicals, water, and scratches.

The way you prepare the surface is the most crucial consideration when working with epoxy since a poorly prepared surface will prevent a strong connection from forming between the epoxy and the wood.

The reaction that creates the final product starts when the two components are combined, although it can take up to 48 hours to fully finish (a process known as "curing"). The product you use, the wood you use, and several environmental conditions all affect how quickly something dries.


Epoxy resin selection while working with wood

It can be a little tricky to select the proper resin for the job, but in general, you can say:

When coating a surface, you utilize a resin with a low level of viscosity.
When creating molds or filling holes, a resin with a high level of viscosity is used.

Consider if you'll use the resin inside or outside before using it.


Should I use UV protection?

If the appearance of your resin is important to you, you should think about purchasing an epoxy resin that is UV resistant because, otherwise, UV will cause the epoxy resin to turn yellow.

In most circumstances, a UV-resistant epoxy resin is required if you want to attempt to epoxy over stained surfaces.



Can epoxy be applied on stained wood? You can, indeed. Although it might be rather labor-intensive to try to fix things after the fact, it pays only to do a test to be sure you're not making a mistake with your choice of epoxy.

By Primo Resin


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